CBD vs C60 Oil

CBD vs C60 Oil



The health sector went agog after discovering the various health benefits of CBD products in serving as antioxidants, antidepressant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial agents. Although these attributes are still in their early stages of exploration, nature has done us a great good by introducing Carbon-60 (C60), a more powerful and highly efficient compound we can also utilize for the same purpose.

Carbon 60 has been in existence for long, but just like any other important gift of nature, it was neglected and channeled into other uses. Although it was only discovered in 1985, the health benefits of C60 cannot be overemphasized.

C60 comes in a shape that is highly resistant to chemical corrosion, radiation, and breakage under pressure. The shape of the C60 crystals makes it small enough to move through cell membranes and sit between strands of DNA. It can combine with just about any compound to enhance its function. In this article, we shall take a look at the differences between C60 and CBD oils and why C60 is a better option.

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Increases Longevity

C60 has a high affinity for both cellular and mitochondrial membranes thus go a long way in protecting these structures which determine the lifespan of cells and humans in general. The ability of these materials to comfortably move through the cell membrane is one activity that CBD cannot perform. CBD works only in areas of the body where its receptors are found. It has been used to successfully prevent mitochondrial dysfunction thus increasing the lifespan of the cells.



C60 acts as a better antioxidant in scavenging for free radicals in the body system. The accumulation of these free radicals increases the signs of aging and predisposes the body to cancer and signs of aging. Most scientific researches have shown that C60 has an antioxidant activity which is 100% higher any other antioxidant known to man. The shape of the C60 crystals allows it to deal effectively with any form of free radicals until it leaves the system. C60 does not bind to these free radicals but accumulate them into its structure, and it can hold up to 34 methyl radicals at once.


Reduces the rate of inflammation and pains

C60 can bring the mitochondria to balance thus decreasing the rate of inflammations and pains experienced in the bones and joints. Remember that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell and once it is working as expected it can correct the immune system and improve overall body functions. CBD can only achieve this after a successful combination with receptors.

C60 prevents loss of bone cells and prevents bone inflammation

Improves the immune system

C60 has been demonstrated to stimulate the activity of the immune system in several ways. It has been actively involved in stimulating the production of immune cells such as lymphocytes and useful cytokines which function in fighting off infectious diseases and tumor cells. With this activity, C60 can assist the body in taking care of severe allergic reactions, levels of histamine and other inflammatory compounds which trigger an allergic reaction in the body. This attribute makes C60 a perfect supplement for heart attacks, respiratory problems, asthma, and other cardiovascular diseases.


Protects the cartilage and improves bone health

C60 has been successfully utilized to improve bone health and reversion of Alzheimer's disease. It improves bone density and protects the cartilage. It also prevents the premature death of cells (apoptosis), increase the production of cartilage and reduction in the enzymes that may cause challenges on the bones.


Antimicrobial activity

C60 can arrest the spread of diseases such as hepatitis C virus, Staphylococcus, Candida, and acne. Utilizing the C60 oils keeps your skin healthy and free from microbial contamination.


Improves Weight loss

The use of C60 as a weight loss supplement has produced better results aimed at triggering weight loss by limiting the conversion of body cells into fat cells thus assisting you in losing weight.

C60 oils and C60 related products produce better health results than CBD which is only dependent on interacting with body cells through receptors. If you are a CBD user, here is the BEST news; not only does C60 Oil provide better health benefits, but because it is not abused by providers, in average seems to be more economical than CBD Oil.

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